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Your produce is harvested fresh from our farming families.

Handled only by us, and then delivered directly to you.

You pay less, and your food never sets foot in a grocery store.

Shopping with green lane

Pick your harvest

We bring only the freshest, most seasonal goods to the forefront, ensuring you’re eating fruits and veggies at their peak of ripeness for the best flavor and nutrition β€” all year round!

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Your order is processed for 2nd-day delivery*, meaning if you place an order on Monday, it will arrive Wednesday. For orders over $20, delivery to your door is free!

*Daily delivery slots are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Where we deliver

Our grocery delivery service is currently available throughout parts of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, with expansion plans to soon cover communities in major markets throughout the Northeast. Keep checking back for more delivery details.

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