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Frequently Asked Questions

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We are currently available in select areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Please use our tool on the homepage to see if your zip code is eligible for delivery.
Yes. Creating an account with your basic information allows you to place an order, review your past orders, and reorder from past orders. You can browse our site without creating an account, but you will be prompted to create an account before you checkout.
No. There's a delivery fee of $7.99 for orders under $20 (excluding tax and delivery). Orders over $20 ship free!
You may cancel your order within a certain time frame by calling our customer service line at: 856-205-1839. Our representative will let you know if you are eligible.
When your order is placed. If you have any issues please call our customer service line at: 856-205-1839
To make sure you are receiving fresh produce, we partner closely with our farmers and carefully monitor the shelf life of all produce that comes to our warehouse. If you have any concerns about your order please contact our customer service team at info@greenlanedelivery.com or call 856-205-1839 within 24 hours of delivery and provide a photo of produce. After 24 hours you may not qualify for a refund.
Green Lane packaging maintains the temperature and quality of your groceries until we deliver them. Returning your bags is optional but encouraged. If you would like to exchange your bags, we ask that you place them in your desired delivery spot during your next delivery appointment. Bags will be retrieved during delivery.
Kindly contact our customer service representative within 24 hours of delivery at 856-205-1839 or info@greenlanedelivery.com. If there is a quality issue, company policy requires a photo to be sent to info@greenlanedelivery.com within 24 hours. Anything after 24 hours may not qualify for a refund.